Monday, July 23, 2012

Zachary Scott Lawrence Stops in for a Visit

The poet and artist  and Fluxmuseum contributor Zachary Scott Lawrence stopped into the museum this past Saturday from Wichita, Kansas to scope out the collection and the space and generally enjoy Pagosa Springs. He took the above photo of the two of us with his ipad. We had an lovely visit.

Zachary contributed to Fluxhibition #3 with the following box and was a participant in the book Natural Born Fluxus

Fluxbox - Senryu - 2009
Zachary Scott Lawrence
wood container with text on slips of paper.


  1. Loved seeing the museum. There is just such a wealth of work, without pretension and with a healthy respect for the art and the artists. I could have dug into the archives for hours, and I really like that even the work not on the walls is easily accessible and well documented. If there is something you don't see out, Cecil knows where it is, will go get it, and will show you ten more pieces you would probably like, too. Love it!

  2. Nice way to decorate your walls. I have never done that. My effort to beautify the walls in my house was to order big-sized canvas prints from, from images of western art. I use the same angel motifs in all of the rooms painted by different painters, such as this one by very interesting English artist Stanley Spencer,