Thursday, July 5, 2012

News at the Museum

The latest news at the museum... Tuesday, July 2, 2012 we purchased the the space at 262 Pagosa Street (Main Street) in downtown Pagosa Springs! Part of a multi-space building, the museum is a 1,230 square foot commercial space - the largest in the building. Not really big enough to be a museum with elbow room but a good start for storing and publicly exhibiting the collection. We have added a new assemblage/sculpture out in the front - a collaborative work by Cecil Touchon and James Ferrari using found materials. This will hopefully entice passersby to come in and look around.

During the summer we will be setting up most of the space as an art gallery with works for sale by artists in the collection. We have also been gifted with the use of an Epson 24 inch, large format printer from artist Clarissa Rizal which will be used to print reproductions of works in the collection that will also be for sale to help raise funds to keep the museum open.

Additionally we have invested in 8 new flat file cabinets for storing the works on paper in the collection and a computer dedicated to the museum as well as some used office chairs and wireless internet service.

After some experimentation during the spring we have decided to focus on the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction as the main identity for the museum space. (note the signage on the front door). It is still the home of the Fluxmuseum, the Archives of the Eternal Network, the Museum of Snapshot Photography and all the various organizational offices but in order to avoid constant confusion with townfolk and passers through, the Collage Museum seems the most easily understood.


  1. Congratulations. THis is a big step in the right direction and it happened during our 100 anniversary as Collage, a fine art form.

  2. Excellent Cecil! And congratulations! It looks wonderful and will gain recognition quickly as a place for the great art of collage.