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We are just recently working at putting all the works in the collection on line in a series of inventory blogs instead of scattered here and there across several websites. The blogs are intended to be used for giving each work in the collection an inventory number. The blogs are divided by year so that as we get to it, we can add works according to the year they entered the collection. The collection started in roughly 1998 when we realized a collection was developing. So the blogs will eventually go back to roughly 2000 with everything before that in the 2000 blog. None of the blogs so far are complete. It will be a long process. But once done, every digital image will have a logical and chronological order in the scheme of things.



White on White (2007) at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Center 
Fluxhibition #2 - New and Improved Fluxus at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Center (2008)
Under the Influence at The Longview Art Museum, Longview Texas (2008)
Fluxhibition #3 - Thinking Inside of the Box (2009) The University of Texas at Arlington
Fluxhibition #4 - Fluxus Amusements, Diversions, Games, Tricks and Puzzles  at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Center (2010)
Flux4.1 -  Briefcase exhibit at the Stendhal Gallery in New York City (2010)
Contemporary Collage: Paper’s Many Forms at Emily Amy Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia (2010)

Flux4.3 - Briefcase exhibit at the Nuart Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico (2010) 
FLUXface in Space! In Outer Space and  at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Center (2010)
A Book About Death at the Fluxmuseum at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Center (2010)

Fluxhibition #5 - Jubilee Jamboree (50 Years of Fluxus) 2011-2012
Flux5.1 - Fluxfest Chicago (2011)
Flux5.2 The Intricacies of the Heart and Its Chambers – The Collage Art of Hope Kroll (and Fluxcase Micro Museum) at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Center (2011)
Flux5.3 Summer Open House at the Archives Fort Worth, Texas (2011)
Flux 5.4 - Fluxfest Chicago February, 2012 - ( Briefcase exhibit of small works from the collection on view at the Chicago Cultural Center )
Assemblings Part 1 - March 2012 - Pagosa Springs, Colorado
A Book About Death March 2012 - Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Collage/Assemblage Centennial - 1912-2012 - Sept. thru Nov. 2012 - Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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